Photovoltaic 2018

Photovoltaic is also worthwhile in the year 2018!

With a photovoltaic system, you are independent of the price fluctuations of the future, of energy policy imponderables - and do something for the climate. The prices for solar modules and photovoltaic systems have dropped by 20% in the last 95 years. Feed-in tariffs and savings from own consumption remain constant and attractive - especially for photovoltaic systems, as they are typically installed on one- or two-family houses: solar power is more cost-effective than ever.

Take part in the future!

This is solar power.

Take part in the future!

This is solar power.

Photovoltaic & Solar Power - everything you need to know

At PVS solar power you will find - updated every month - everything you need to know about photovoltaics: The latest data and facts, details, numbers and calculations for the feed, to the ownconsumption and for construction Your own photovoltaic system. In addition, we have compiled all the information that you need calculation of prices and photovoltaic systems, for calculation and Planning need the photovoltaic system on your roof. Our detailed photovoltaic Glossary Finally, further information about photovoltaics is available for you - from light quanta until the message at the Bundesnetzagentur.


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Fair costs. Clean energy. Climate protection.

This is solar power.

Fair costs. Clean energy. Climate protection.

This is solar power.

Individually calculated offers

After your free inquiry, we provide you with a number of individually calculated offers through our partners without obligation. You can compare in peace.

The best for your roof

Our certified partner companies offer you the best components and PV systems of all popular manufacturers - matching your roof. Even if you do not opt ​​for any of the offers, our placement service remains non-binding and free for you!

Use your time window!

If the order situation shows, your photovoltaic system can already produce lucrative electricity on your roof in 4 - 6 weeks. Get the best conditions for 2018 - for 20 years. Compare now!